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Thank you for scheduling your estate planning consultation with our firm!

Next steps:

  1. Check Your Mail: In the next week or so we will be mailing you an introductory packet, which includes our Estate Planning Workbook, FAQs, Handouts, and a Pricing Guide.  If you’re ready to get started, you can download our workbooks immediately!
  2. Start Learning About Estate Planning in Arizona: Above is a five-minute video Emily recorded for you – please be sure to watch!  Emily has also recorded a number of webinars on all sorts of topics, check them out!
  3. Complete Questionnaire:  Our team will be e-mailing you a link to a questionnaire to complete prior to our consultation. Completion of the questionnarie helps us gain a clearer understanding of your situation and objectives, so we can provide you with the most personalized advice and solutions.  If there is any information you are hesitant to share, please feel free to skip the quesiton.  This questionnaire is not automated, and will arrive during our business hours.
  4. Reach Out: Let us know if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, have any questions, or want to provide us with additional documentation or information.  We appreaciate as much notice as possible!